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My name is Marco Grassi. I’m a self-tought photographer focused on landscape and travel photography.

I’m born and raised in the northwest of Italy. I’ve always been curious about the world, since I was a kid I’ve always been dreaming about a life filled with adventure and memorable experiences.

It's probably thanks to this passion and curiosity that I chose to spend an entire year backpacking around New Zealand when I was 20. During that year I immersed myself in nature and I started feeling as I needed to capture those amazing and remote landscapes.

Once back home, I bought my first camera and from the very first moment I realized that it could be my vehicle to travel and experience the world. From that moment on, my only goal was to save enough money to travel back to New Zealand and start building my portfolio from there. Less than two years later, I was embarking on a plane to China, the first destination of a trip which was going to lead me around the world for a very long time.


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National Geographic Photo Contest (Editors' favorite submission)
OPOTY  mention "Outdoor photographer of the year";

RRS "Polychrome Friday Photo Contest", honorable mention; 

Publication theAtlantic.com;

Publication 500px ISO;


 MAGNUM Photo contest (Highlighted Entries)

Publication "Outdoor photographer of the year" Book;

La Grand Photo Awards Nomine;

 Publication 500px ISO;

Publication Landscapeplaces.com

Finalist SIPA contest,

Smart Photography (India's #1 photo publication)

Photography Masterclass Magazine 


Practical Photography Megazine

My modern met


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